EN10028-5 P355ML1 steel weldability biggest 6 mills in Qatar

EN10028-5 P355ML1 steel weldability biggest 6 mills in Qatar

Medium plate EN10028-5 P355ML1 steel weldability products size: 5.5*2250*11550, 5*2200*10100, 5*1500*4500, 6*1750*13000, 5*2700*12050, 5*2700*12050, 6*1800*5500, 6*1550*6000, 9*2000*6000, 5.5*2600*10100, 5*2500*11000, 7*1800*10450, 6*3080*6000, 9*2000*9000, 5.5*2600*11850, 6*3320*5000, 9*1760*7800, 6*3370*4100, 9*2400*9800, 7*1970*7050, 6*3240*5400, 9*1800*10000, 6*3380*4800, 7*2120*6400 and 9*2400*8500.

Our company has a backbone team who is proficient in business and strong in operation. While providing customers with a variety of logistics solutions, we can also explore the EN10028-5 P355ML1 steel weldability Chinese market for overseas customers to find sources of goods, inspect and accept goods, and declare customs to relieve all worries about import and export. Provide professional, personalized, all-weather, all-round services.

With the development of multimodal transport in the international shipping market and the increase of the complexity of the integrated transport chain, modern ports, as the intersection of the three transportation modes of sea, land and air, are developing from traditional transfer and product distribution functions to all-round value-added services, becoming the central link connecting the world's production, exchange, distribution and consumption, and supporting the world economy and international trade An important part of the developed international circulation system.

SA516 Gr 60 (HIC) plate is a steel plate for hydrogen vessel, which is in accordance with ASME standard. This standard is mainly used to improve the notch toughness of welded pressure vessel steel plate. Chemical composition of SA516 Gr 60 (HIC) vessel steel plate: C: ≤ 0.30, Mn: 0.79-1.30, P: ≤ 0.035, S: ≤ 0.035, Si: 0.13-0.45. EN10028-5 P355ML1 steel weldability, SA516 Gr 60 (HIC) vessel steel plate has good dimensional tolerance and surface quality, and can reach 6-200 mm thickness at present.

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