The performance of EN 10028 P460ML2 impact energy

The performance of EN 10028 P460ML2 impact energy

The weight of seamless steel pipe is only 1 / 5 of that of square steel. Seamless steel pipe corrosion resistance acid, alkali, salt and atmospheric environment corrosion, high temperature resistance, good impact and fatigue resistance, do not need regular maintenance. The effective service life of product EN 10028 P460ML2 impact energy more than 15 years.

15Mo3 steel manufacturing method: adopt oxygen top blown converter method, 182 open hearth method or 3666 to smelt in 3769 electric furnace. After negotiation with the customer, other equivalent methods can also be adopted.15Mo3 steel is used for heating surface pipes, economizers, superheaters, reheaters, etc. of high-pressure boilers EN 10028 P460ML2 impact energy (working pressure is generally above 9.8MPa, working temperature is between 450 ℃ ~ 650 ℃).

Phosphorus element (P element) is brought into steel by ore. Generally speaking, phosphorus is also harmful element. Although phosphorus can increase the strength and hardness of EN 10028 P460ML2 impact energy etc. steel, it also causes the decrease of plasticity and impact toughness. Especially at low temperature, it makes steel significantly brittle, which is called "cold brittleness". The higher the phosphorus content is, the greater the cold brittleness is. Therefore, the phosphorus content in EN 10028 P460ML2 impact energy etc. steel is strictly controlled.

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