EN10028-5 P355ML2 chemical composition cold working and aging

EN10028-5 P355ML2 chemical composition cold working and aging

The company manages NM400 wear-resistant plate, NM450 wear-resistant plate, EN10028-5 P355ML2 chemical composition, NM500 wear-resistant plate and other wear-resistant plate products. The wear-resistant plates are widely used in many industries, such as engineering, mining, cement, power, construction, machinery, coal, glass manufacturing, paper making, metallurgy, petrochemical, etc.. And the wear-resistant plates are also used in wheel device, grab equipment, bucket body, edge, lining plate, hopper, funnel, bucket valve, etc. parts.

EN10028-5 P355ML2 chemical composition, Q345 steel has good comprehensive mechanical properties. Q345 steel also has acceptable low temperature performance, good plasticity and weldability. Q345 steel can be used as structures, mechanical parts, building structures and general metal structures bearing dynamic loads such as medium and low pressure vessels, oil tanks, vehicles, cranes, mining machinery, power stations and bridges. Q345 steel can be used in hot rolling or normalizing state, and can be used in various structures in cold regions below - 40 ℃.

"Mirror" refers to the surface state of EN10028-5 P355ML2 chemical composition stainless steel, which is usually 8K in the industry. The common mirror stainless steel on the market is divided into 6K, 8K and 10K, which are general polishing, 6K, 8K fine grinding and 10K super fine grinding effect. The same thickness generally has no big difference, 10K mirror is brighter; the thicker the thickness, the better the effect, and the higher the processing cost.

We are engaged in EN10028-5 P355ML2 chemical composition corten steel, weathering steel, atmosphere corrosion resistant steel materials. After receiving your inquiry about the weathering steel, we will make quotation for you at the first time. Meanwhile, our professional team can give you valuable answers about all kinds of question about the weathering steel. For example, corten steel cost per square foot, S355J2WP equivalent, EN10028-5 P355ML2 chemical composition ASTM A242 steel properties, A588 steel yield strength, etc. If you have any demands or questions about weathering steel, please feel free to contact us.

After-sales service team is a key department to test the steel quality. Product quality is always the foundation of our survival and development. The company's full inspection from raw materials to finished products; and implements standardized, scientific, and strict internal quality control and management systems in accordance with the process flow during the production process; products can only leave the factory if qualified, and follow-up problem solving systems are implemented in after-sales services to guarantee the customers’ interest.

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